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STOPJEŽ was presented to a group of Lithuanian experts

When visiting centre Aqualutra you will probably first notice our little "ambassadors for the animal victims of traffic". The main parts of the centre's exhibition are stuffed animals from the mustelid family, which were mainly killed in traffic. By each exhibit there is an info board also indicating the location of the roadkill. While they stand silently on the shelf, they constantly warn visitors about the problem of traffic and animals.



And these little ambassadors drew attention of our special visitors. At the beginning of August Landscape Park Goričko brought to visit a group of experts for protected areas of nature from Lithuania. Guests first listened to the presentation of LIFE-NATURA project Conservation of otter population (Lutra lutra) in Goričko – Phase 1 and centre, which was built during the project. After sharing experiences guests took the chance to see the exhibition and listen to the short presentation of current LUTRA's project STOPJEŽ – Traffic and animals, which deals with present problem of roadkills in Slovenia.






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