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STOPJEŽ represents himself to the youngest

cdo1_naslovka_198With a new school year Mladinska knjiga Publishing House published a new issue of Cicido, magazine for kiddies. This time the magazine in one of its sections represents the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are small and quiet; so many times we do not even notice them. Unfortunately we often overlook them while driving, which usually do not end well for the little spiky men. And since traffic is killing more and more hedgehogs, Cicido also included into the presentation some advices that are spread through STOPJEŽ by LUTRA.

Besides hedgehog Cicido introduces to us another mysterious animal. Although this mister is active at day too, he is hard to notice. Maybe because he hops away before we see him. No, we are not talking about a rabbit; we are talking about a hare. And where is a hare, there is STOPZAJEC (STOPHARE) that teaches us just like STOPJEŽ about the dangers in traffic.

More about STOPJEŽ for the parents of little readers can be found in internet guide where you also meet STOPVIDRA (STOPOTTER).






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