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The second trinity of animals

As collaborators of LUTRA Institute, we are doing our best in raising awareness of the problem of animals in traffic. In this way we will reach higher number of drivers since there are already more than a million of road vehicles registered in Slovenia. We have 518 cars per 1000 inhabitants (Source: Statistical office of the Republic of Slovenia) and the number is still rising. So no wonder that also the number of road casualties among animals is increasing.


Animals usually find their way into statistics if they cause material damage and injure people. Among those is far the most common roe deer – more than 6000 a year! Hunters have to deduct these victims from the number of roe deer, appointed for cull. But this is only one side of this sad story. The other is happening on the asphalt, in gutters, near forests and fields, where injured and frightened animals are dying in torment. Consequences can suffer also orphaned cubs, which are now left on their own. Therefore one of our new figures of animals on the crossing – STOPSRNA (srna = roe deer), is dedicated to them. If nothing else helps, think of commonly known beautiful deer eyes while you are driving at night along forests and fields. Reduce your speed and sharpen your senses. For sure you are going to save a life.


Do you think birds do not become traffic victims, since their wings can lift them above roads? You are wrong. At a single examination of Prekmurje highway section in Dolinsko six long-eared owls where found. Most of them are “hidden” in gutters where even DARS maintenance service does not notice them. There is no need to emphasize that these are not the only birds, which did not manage to get across the road... The highest number of birds is killed due to strong air turbulences, caused by large rushing trucks. Our external collaborator, illustrator Lila Prap created STOPSOVA (sova = owl) in order to warn the drivers of feathery victims. 


Lately amphibians became recognized road victims, especially in spring time. It is hard to count all the small carcasses of this vulnerable group. Evaluated yearly numbers on Slovenian roads exceed ten thousand figures and are not exaggerated considering the fact that colleagues from Centre for Cartography of Fauna and Flora registered in just one season more than 1000 black spots on state and local roads. On more than 200 of these spots 50 or more amphibians were counted. Rescue actions, organized by societies, schools or other environmental groups; contribute to the popularization of the problem and also to saving individuals or even species. This is very important therefore we joined one such rescue actions. And also our illustration STOPŽABA (žaba = frog) will add to the popularization by reminding us of how helpless amphibians are on roads.






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