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Spring - time for helping amphibians at road crossing

stopjež-radensko polje2013-2Due to warming in last two weeks the amphibians started with migration to spawning areas. All over Slovenia different actions started. Volunteers are setting up fences and help amphibians at road crossings. This is a method to reduce number of killed amphibians. Since the number of actions is increasing from year to year, the need for volunteers is growing too. If you want to join any of the actions, check website Pomagajmo žabicam, where all Slovenian actions are listed. Some most known are: Večna pot v Ljubljani, Cesta Za tremi ribniki v Mariboru, Ledavsko jezero na Goričkem, Hraše pri Smledniku, Radensko polje.

This year we helped mostly with donation of safety vests, in Radensko polje we joined setting up a fence, which took place from 16th and 17th March 2013. Currently the action is organized by association Društvo pest fižola - društvo za biološko izobraževanje. More information on the action course is available here. For the end some photos of setting up the fence.






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