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Hedgehogs became POP stars

delavnica-os-vranskoFirst graders of primary school Vransko-Tabor had an unusual visit, which was a huge surprise for them. With STOPJEŽ campaign, which is already going on for the second year, we presented them our STOPANIMALS: STOPJEŽ (hedgehog), STOPŽABA (frog), STOPSOVA (owl) and many more. With us also came a secret guest - a famous Slovenian illustrator, reciever of Prešern Award and ambassador of STOPJEŽ project - Lila Prap that is also the author of STOPANIMALS. This way we returned with interest for a nice surprise they prepared for us with their original posters. During our conversation about animals on roads children's imagination woke up again. In a few minutes bunch of new animals were created on black paper. All of them knew, what they want to draw. Under little fingers new and new pedestrian crossings were growing, with several animals: dragonflies and snakes, squirrels and wild hogs, large and small animals. Our ambassador was amazed and tried to memorize all the new ideas, since children's drawings are her inspiration.  For the end children met otter, the beauty and the beast. They decide otter is both in one animal. The visit was filmed by POP TV crew and made shure that we became POP stars in TV show 24 ur. Photos are available in the gallery and the show was broadcasted on 8th June in teh evening. 

Create your own STOPANIMAL

stopzivali-os-vranskoWe were pleasantly surprised by first-grade pupils from Primary school OŠ Vransko-Tabor. During their after-school stay pupils, inspired by STOPJEŽ poster, created posters with differents animals, from STOPBLACKBIRD to STOPCOW. There are many animals on road. Photo of their gallery was sent to us by their teacher Maja Jerman.

Also your youngest have ideas for a STOPANIMAL? We are looking forward to every drawing, that you sent to us, and we will publish it in our gallery.

Visit us on Bicycle festival

You are invited to visit STOPJEŽ stand this Saturday, 19th May 2012, on first Bicycle festival in Ljubljana. There will be our promotional materials at your disposal. So if you would like a new sticker for your car or lovely cards with our stopanimals, look for our stand. The festival is organized in framework of action "Slovenia is bicycling 2012". Festival will take place in Ljubljana from 9 am until 1 pm on Kongresni trg, while in the afternoon the event will continue in Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra near Vrhnika. More about the festival.

Roadkill database is working again

We noticed that our roadkill database was not working properly. With the help of our web developers the problem was fixed so data entry is possible again. We apologize sincerely for inconvinience and invite you to further use of our database

We began with lectures for driving schools

One project action are also lectures that are warning about the problem of animals in traffic. We already performed two lectures. First one for students of Logistic engineering at B2 and students of K&D driving school. If you would also like us to organize you a lecture, do not hesitate. Contact us by phone or by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . More about the lectures you can read here

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