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The fence was successfully set up

2012_vecna_pot11Seven volunteers gathered together on Večna pot on Saturday, 3rd March 2012, with an aim to start this year's action of Societas herpetologica slovenica – Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. We quickly put on safety vests, grabbed hammers and started sertting up a fence. The fence is going to prevent amphibians from crossing a road and hopefully reduce the number of ran over animals. The fence will be checked daily, found amphibians will be carried to the other side of the road. You are welcome to join evening checkups. More information of the course of evening fence examination is available on You can see more pictures from saturday in our gallery.

The action "Večna pot" will start again

A year has passed and STOPJEŽ will again join the action of transfering amphibians on Večna pot in Ljubljana, organized by Societas herpetologica slovenica (SHS) - Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles. The aim is to prevent massive road kills of amphibians, which in early spring migrate from wintering to spawning areas. Often roads cross their migration ways, like in the case of Večna pot. Therefore, members of the SHS already for several years in a row organize an action, during which a protective fence is set. The fence prevents amphibians from accessing the road. This fence is then reviewed daily in the evening, amphibians found are picked up and transferred to the other side of the road. All amphibians, alive and dead, are determined and recorded, as this is the way to gather enough information that will contribute to finding of durable solution. Mass migration of amphibians across the road is dangerous not only for them but also for the drivers as the killed amphibians make the road slippery.

The second trinity of animals

As collaborators of LUTRA Institute, we are doing our best in raising awareness of the problem of animals in traffic. In this way we will reach higher number of drivers since there are already more than a million of road vehicles registered in Slovenia. We have 518 cars per 1000 inhabitants (Source: Statistical office of the Republic of Slovenia) and the number is still rising. So no wonder that also the number of road casualties among animals is increasing.

STOPJEŽ represents himself to the youngest

cdo1_naslovka_198With a new school year Mladinska knjiga Publishing House published a new issue of Cicido, magazine for kiddies. This time the magazine in one of its sections represents the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are small and quiet; so many times we do not even notice them. Unfortunately we often overlook them while driving, which usually do not end well for the little spiky men. And since traffic is killing more and more hedgehogs, Cicido also included into the presentation some advices that are spread through STOPJEŽ by LUTRA.

STOPJEŽ was presented to a group of Lithuanian experts

When visiting centre Aqualutra you will probably first notice our little "ambassadors for the animal victims of traffic". The main parts of the centre's exhibition are stuffed animals from the mustelid family, which were mainly killed in traffic. By each exhibit there is an info board also indicating the location of the roadkill. While they stand silently on the shelf, they constantly warn visitors about the problem of traffic and animals.


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