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STOPJEŽ is coming back to Maribor

Each year there is European Mobility Week, taking place from 16th till 22nd September. This year's theme is "Moving in the right direction." Also STOPJEŽ will join the campaign. Since we were invated to participate by Friends of Youth Association Maribor, we will held a workshop on Trg svobode in Maribor. The workshop will take place from 10 am till 12 pm and from 3 pm till 6 pm.  You can join us any time.

Attention, frogs on the road

stopzabaAutumn rain again allured amphibian out on the open. Slowly they will start their autumn migration to winter habitats, where they will spend the winter. Drivers, driving on Večna pot in Ljubljana, probably already noticed increased number of amphibians crossing road on rainy first weekend in September. Some more, others less successfully. Therefore some caution is advised. Reduce your speed, not only for amphibians but also for your own safety.

TAM-TAM divulged STOPJEŽ from town to town

LJ 7 sova_FIn the end of June, after many unsuccessful requests and unanswered proposals for collaboration at already well-known project STOPJEŽ to insurance companies, oil companies and car importers, we recieved an e-mail with unexpected proposal from a "good fairy". It was from a leading provider of CITY® poster panels in Slovenia, company TAM-TAM, who noticed good design of our promotional products and suggested that they support the project. 

Look for STOPANIMALS in Maribor

stopjez-lent4In the time of Lent Festival there is daily Art Camp in the Maribor City park, during which Friends of Youth Association Maribor organizes different workshops for children. Every day they invite a different organization to present itself. We gladly responded to the invitation and prepared a workshop for children. Providing children with chalk resulted in new STOPANIMALS on paper and on asphalt. For you to get idea what was going on visit our gallery.


Tomorrow STOPJEŽ will visit city of Maribor, where it will together with visitors of Art Kamp create new STOPANIMALS. Therefore we invite you to join us tomorrow, 27th June 2012, in Mestni Park, Maribor, between 10 am - 1pm and 4 pm - 8pm.

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