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TAM-TAM divulged STOPJEŽ from town to town

LJ 7 sova_FIn the end of June, after many unsuccessful requests and unanswered proposals for collaboration at already well-known project STOPJEŽ to insurance companies, oil companies and car importers, we recieved an e-mail with unexpected proposal from a "good fairy". It was from a leading provider of CITY® poster panels in Slovenia, company TAM-TAM, who noticed good design of our promotional products and suggested that they support the project. 

At first we could not believe it, but we created a constructive bond through personal contact. We have recognisable illustrations from project ambassador, Lila Prap, and great design from Zvone Kosovelj. TAM-TAM has knowledge, experience and places for advertising in the open air. What do we want more! Together we can do more and better for the aims of the project.

It is patently obvious that mature and socially responsible company directors decide for this kind of step. As with a support for good causes you become better yourself. Sadly this cognition did not reach most of the profitable companies, which would with minimal stake support a good cause. And their logotype on the poster would tell more about the organization than ten overpriced TV ads.

Therefore take a good look of the logotypeson the posters STOPJEŽ (hedgehog), STOPZAJEC (rabbit), STOPSOVA (owl), STOPVIDRA (otter) ... that can be seen these days in many Slovenian cities, also in the capital. It is true, they are the same everywhere. Except from the project financer, Swiss government, and TAM-TAM, none of the adressed potential strategic partners understood or wanted to understand, what would they gain. They prefered to keep their money, without the added value.

Thank you TAM-TAM for your social and environmental reponsibility! Thanks to the drivers that will be more attentive to animals!